Infrared ray automatic sensing system




Automatic Sensing & Energy-saving System of Lixin Anti-fog Mirror


一.  工作原理

1. Working principle


Based on the automatic control infrared ray products, the special sensor will detect the changes of infrared spectrum released by human body when accessing the switch sensing range, and the sensor will trigger the load automatically. If the person who accesses the switch sensing range does not leave, the load will continue to work. After leaving, the sensor will delay and close the load automatically.


When people enter the bathroom, the anti-fog film will work automatically. When people leave the bathroom, the anti-fog film will shut the power supply off automatically. It is easy, safe and energy-saving, so it is the first choice for hotel decorations.

二.  感應器種類

2. Type of sensors

1.       單極性:單極性供電,二線接駁(接線同普通墻壁開關)

1) Unipolarity: To be powered by single pole, with two wires connected (The wire connection is same as the ordinary wall switch)

2.       雙極性:雙極性供電,三線接駁(接線需要加零線)

2) Bipolarity: To be powered by dual poles, with three wires connected (Zero wire needs to be added.)



3. Technical parameters

1.       工作電壓:AC180-250V(50/60HZ)
1) Operating voltage: AC180-250V(50/60HZ)

2.       環境溫度:-20℃+50℃
2) Ambient temperature: -20℃

3.       自身功率:0.016W
3) Self-power:

4.       負載功率:單極性≤500W,雙極性≤1000W
4) Load power: Unipolarity≤500W; Bipolarity ≤1000W

5.       感應角度:140度圓錐角

5) Sensing angle: 140°

6.       感應距離:58M
6) Sensing distance: 5

7) Light-operated range (adjustable): 5

8.       延時關閉時間(可調):16180±30%
8) Length for Close delay (adjustable):  16
180 seconds ±30%

9.       外觀尺寸:86×86×35MM                         墻壁式                     吸頂式
9) Overall dimension: 86×86×35MM               Wall-mounted type         Ceiling-mounted type

 四.  感應范圍示意圖

4. Diagram for sensing range



Note for installation: When mounting onto wall, the height above the ground is approximately 1.5M.

五.  接線示意圖

5. Wiring diagram


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